What is a virtual run? Our Full Medal Runs Virtual races are 5k, 10k or half marathons. You choose and register for the distance of your choice; within a few days you will have a bib emailed to you to wear during your run or to use on your photo collages; once completed, you receive a finishers medal.  Virtual races are done on your own so you set your own route and your own pace.  You can even combine runs or break them down in several days within the designated time frame.  This is your run so be the master of it!
How does a virtual run work?

1. Register for events on this website by choosing your item, your race of choice and then simply check out.  You can even register from our Facebook page.

2. Prior to each event start date, you will receive a personalized bib that you can customize for your walk, jog or run.

3. Virtual races are to be completed in your own time but from time to time we will have special events that we do as a group that are for a specific date.  The point is for you to have fun so you can run or walk with us or complete your distance anytime that works for you.  
4. Post on our Facebook pages, send us a "tweet" or Instagram a picture of your time, date(s) of race completion.  You can also email us a message with the same information if posting pictures are not your thing.
5. You will receive the official finisher’s medal just like the one pictured on the event page. These are gorgeous custom-made medals, measuring 3" to 4″ long, along with a custom ribbon.  If you’d like to know more or have questions, please click the "Contact Us" link on the menu bar or email us at fullmedalruns@gmail.com or call us at 1-619-786-1224.
6. How much of the amount raised goes to the charity?  You are purchasing a medal and entry into our one of our races or monthly challenge.  We as a company choose to give a minimum of 10% of the net profits raised to the charity specified on the race entry.  The percentage increases to 20% when a larger quantity of medals are sold.  When sponsoring for fundraising events for our members, we will give 20% to 60% of the race profits.  Our costs include: Medal production, shipping, pay pal fees, merchant fees, packaging, postage and promotional costs associated to each event.