What is a virtual run? 

Full Medal Runs Virtual races are 5k, 10k or half marathons. You choose your distance and register for the distance of your choice.  

How does a virtual run work?

Register for events on this website by choosing your item, your race of choice and then simply check out.  You can even register from our Facebook page.  Prior to each event start date, you will receive a personalized bib that you can customize for your walk, jog or run.

How do I track my miles?

You can track your miles by using any running app such as; Nike, Garmin Connect, Runkeeper and other running related applications.

How do I submit my miles once the race is completed?

We run on the "honor system" and ask that you share your miles with us on one of our social network sites.  You can take a screen shot of your running app miles, take a photo of your miles on the treadmill and share your beautiful smile with us with your new race medal.  Again, post on our Facebook pages, send us a "tweet" or Instagram a picture of your time, date(s) of race completion.  You can also email us a message with the same information if posting pictures are not your thing.  Again, we are currently based on the honor system, most people do not want to wear the medal unless they have earned it!
When will I receive my virtual race medal?

You will receive the official finisher’s medal just like the one pictured on the event page. These are gorgeous custom-made medals, measuring 3" to 5″ long, along with a custom ribbon by the event date if you are preordering a medal.  If your medal is in stock then your item will ship to you within the week.

Can I still participate once the race has ended?

ABSOLUTELY!  You can purchase your entry and participate to receive your earned medal if the item is still available in our shop.  Make sure to read the description regarding medal status. 

Who can participate in your events?

We founded Full Medal Runs with the intention of getting everyone moving.  We encourage everyone to participate.  All fitness levels and ages are welcome to join us. We are here to help keep you motivated to MOVE!

Can I still buy a medal without participating?

Yes, you can still buy a medal without participating and/or purchase for others.

Do you ship Internationally?

We ship worldwide! There is an additional shipping cost to those running abroad and we keep the cost close to what the United States Postal Service charges us.

How much of the amount raised goes to the charity? 

You are purchasing a medal and entry into our one of our races or monthly challenge. Full Medal Runs chooses to give a minimum of 5% of the net profits raised to the charity specified on the race entry.  We choose charities based on our personal knowledge of them and will also take suggestions from our Full Medal Runs Runners and Walkers.

If you’d like to know more or have questions, please click the "Contact Us" link on the menu bar or email us at fullmedalruns@gmail.com or call us at 1-619-786-1224.